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Ketamine-Assisted Therapy &
Psychedelic Integration

Psychedelics are enjoying a renaissance, and for good reason: an ever-proliferating number of rigorous scientific studies are showing their tremendous potential to treat trauma and promote insight, creativity, empathy, and wellness. Below I describe two ways in which I integrate the emerging field of Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy into my practice. 

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Ketamine has been demonstrated through numerous rigorous trials over decades to be a powerful, safe and rapid treatment for depression, and is widely anecdotally known for its utility in promoting insight and wellness. One form of Intra-nasal ketamine is FDA-approved for the treatment of depression, though the generic form of the medicine we would use in psychotherapy is currently considered an "off-label" treatment.  Many studies have shown preliminary evidence that ketamine is a uniquely effective treatment for PTSD, social anxiety, substance abuse and dependence, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, and suicidality. I work with a medical professional who can prescribe the medicine to you, which you would then take in my presence in a therapeutic setting.  Typically this work involves 2-3 preparatory psychotherapy sessions, one 4 hour dosing session, and 1-2 integration sessions. The company I partner with uses an innovative model for delivering care that costs about 1/3 the price of  traditional ketamine infusion clinics. Please call or email to learn more.


Have you recently had—or are you interested in pursuing—psychedelic experiences, but are unsure how to prepare for and/or make sense of them? In my practice I draw upon my extensive training and research to offer a safe space in which you can unpack these experiences and integrate the insights into your daily life.  It can often be challenging to "operationalize" such profound and short-lived exposure to the depth of your psyche and to spiritual realms, having a partner(s) in the process can help support you making the most of your journeys. 

Integration work involves exploring the multiple layers of meaning within a psychedelic experience, as well as opportunities to give expression to its ineffable aspects (through creativity, images, music, physicality/somatics, meditation, and more). It is an opportunity to weave the experience into the narrative of your life in an ongoing way, so that you may continue to benefit from and be guided by it.

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