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Helping Women Develop Healthy Relationships

• Are you looking to shift out of unhealthy or

  frustrating relationship patterns?
• Do you find yourself attracted to unavailable,

  immature, or damaging men?
• Have you had a history of relationships with       men that have left you feeling unsafe?

• Do you have trouble feeling heard in


• Would you like to explore your inner


Working from feminist principles and incorporating a deep understanding of gender socialization, I can help you explore and overcome your negative patterns in dating, sex and romance. I focus on helping develop your sense of power and ability to set limits, and guide you in working through fears that may be stopping you from having healthy, committed relationships. How I help:


  1. I help you feel stronger on your own so you can choose relationships more wisely.

  2. I help empower you to make better decisions in relationships and get the support you deserve.

  3. I help you appreciate your unique gifts and learn how to offer them to others.

  4. I help you get in touch with your own power and ask for what you need.

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