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Helping Gay Men Find Balance


• Are you a gay man searching for an intimate


• Do you feel unsatisfied by what the

  gay community has to offer?

• Do you feel lonely but aren't sure why?

• Are you wondering how to cultivate deeper

  connections with other gay men?


If you identify as a gay man, you are living in a mainstream culture that ignores or rejects the unique gifts of your identity. Gay male culture can also, in its own way, be harsh, superficial, or unaccepting. You may long for supportive community, intimate connection with others, and a more joyful way of life - but aren't sure where to begin looking for it. My graduate research focused on the difficulties many gay men face in finding stable, intimate, lasting relationships - and how psychotherapy can help with this. How I help:


  1. I help you develop a healthier relationship to sex.

  2. I help you beat back the inner critic.

  3. I help you feel calmer and more confident in social situations.

  4. I help you develop stronger connection to others.

  5. I help you find your OWN gay community.

  6. I help you work through fears of intimacy.


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