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Imagine this: you’re out of college and graduate school, you’ve found a career that  you love,  and a nice apartment or house in an expensive city that promises many cultural rewards and social opportunities.


Perhaps you have a partner, or are trying your hand at...


In relationships it can be hard to know when to stand up for what we need, and when to surrender.


Long-term committed relationships only work if we accept our partners for who they are, but they also only work if both people are willing to bend for one another. Where...

 Do you know your love language?


The idea of Love Languages was conceived and popularized by Gary Chapman in his bestselling book, "The 5 Love Languages". As a therapist, I find many self-help books to be under-informed and oversimplified when it comes to understanding...

It is common knowledge among psychotherapists and researchers that the areas of highest conflict in couples are money, division of labor, and sex. I’d like to write some thoughts about sex in relationships because it has been arising as a frequent topic of conversation...

Most relationships begin with abundant sparkle: the connection is electric, the laughter deep, the sex fantastic and plentiful. In the beginning stages, both partners on their best behavior -- and it seems unfathomable that you might ever be irritated, hurt, disappoint...

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What Happened To Our Shared Understanding of Mental Health? Thoughts From a Preeminent Psychologist – Part I

January 21, 2019

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September 23, 2017

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