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January 21, 2019

·Early in my training as a therapist I attended a workshop by psychologist, professor and author Nancy McWilliams. The subject (What Happened To Our Shared Understanding of Mental Health?) took aim at how the mental health profession has largely embraced the medicaliza...


Summer is the time in the U.S. when we come closest to relaxing. This is partly cultural, partly environmental and partly commercial. Culturally, we recognize–(though to a much lesser degree than Western Europe )–that taking extended periods of time away from customar...


I would like to write about an issue that comes up frequently in my sessions, namely, the question of where a “healthy” adult should derive their sense of worth (or self-esteem, loveableness, intrinsic value—there are many more names for it). The answer is obvious, ri...

October 30, 2015



Fifteen years ago, many conscientious Americans were concerned about the “digital divide” in the United States: The inequitable access to the internet along class lines, and the impact this would have in perpetuating privilege, poverty and educational disparities. T...

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What Happened To Our Shared Understanding of Mental Health? Thoughts From a Preeminent Psychologist – Part I

January 21, 2019

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September 23, 2017

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